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Every year, eCommerce sales increase by double digits, and this trend is expected to continue in 2022.

Successful businesses use marketing automation by a margin of 72%.

With effective marketing automation tools and strategies, business leaders can increase the leads and conversions, strengthen customer loyalty, shorten reaction times, and smoothen cooperation between marketing and sales.


Not every company owner has the luxury of having their own in-house marketing team to follow up on leads, keep a close eye on the website, and make sure the sales team is receiving the right leads. To make this process simpler, the option of marketing automation is there to boost operational efficiency.

To get the maximum benefits of Marketing Automation, you need to connect with Eridium. Converting leads and expanding your company has never been simpler or quicker than by incorporating marketing automation into your sales process.

You may direct your prospective clients via your website and other social media platforms with Marketing Automation. It is mostly utilized to produce new leads through social media marketing, lead generation, and other similar methods. We assist you with marketing automation software, marketing automation implementation, and consulting services, to mention a few.

With lead scoring, automated drip campaigns, and CRM connection, we’ll help you develop and plan smart and targeted messaging for targeting your ideal audience, as well as increase sales activities.

Are you happy with the number of leads that convert into sales? Is your sales technique completely effective? If not, then it is the time to join hands with experts at Eridium.

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We Offer


Lead Nurturing Best Practices

We create a long-term connection with your prospects, regardless of where they are in the purchasing cycle.


Marketing Automation Software

Our marketing experts will choose the best marketing automation technology for you based on your needs and budget.


Marketing Automation Consultants

Our expert specialists can assist you in achieving marketing automation success.



We enable promotion automation for successful marketing of products across many channels and the creation of reports or emails.

Our Impact

Wipro –Multiplying sales funnel with the integrated search for IT services major

Wipro is a leading global information technology, consulting, and business process services company. It provides end-to-end solutions to help clients harness the power of digital technology to drive their business transformation. Wipro approached Eridium intending to enhance its brand visibility and acquire new visitors through its digital marketing efforts. The client also aimed to increase…
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R3SET – Amplifying the brand visibility by engaging 3.7M people for Pharma OTC brand

R3set is a conglomerate of Venus Remedies Ltd, which is a research-driven Indian pharmaceutical company with a worldwide presence. By combining the scientific powers of nanotechnology with natural herbal goodness in the form of essential oils, R3set provides natural pain relief solutions that empower free movement, eradicate discomfort and enable confidence and ease. While the…
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Nullifying negative brand reviews for a global IT service provider

A leading IT services provider, had a strong technological portfolio to reimagine business potential. However, the brand was missing an employee-friendly digital presence on Glassdoor, a key component of its business development journey. The client mandated Eridium, a digital marketing agency, to reimagine the brand story, create content, and enhance the digital reputation for the…
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Enhancing positive employee engagement by 200% for a global IT services brand

A leading technology solutions company, had a strong engineering pedigree but lacked an employee-friendly digital presence as a key component of its business development journey. The client assigned Eridium to build a solution that would increase positive sentiments while resolving negative conversations across digital mediums, search and analyze brand conversations across digital spaces, and build…
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Plotting Your Northstar - Our Blog

Eridium has won the prestigious IMPACT 22 award for the best SEO campaign for Wipro
Eridium wins digital duties for Venus Remedies’ R3SET
Redefining Digital Marketing Through Stories, Technology & Analytics

Marketing automation is a kind of technology that allows marketing agencies and enterprises to automate tedious operations, acquire greater insights from analytics, and increase conversion rates throughout the marketing funnel. At Eridium, we employ marketing automation to increase marketing intelligence, workflow automation, marketing campaign and customer analysis, and segment creation for a more customer-centric marketing approach.

What Makes Our Services Special?

  • Identify and prioritize the most promising leads with ease.
  • Easy leads should be nurtured until they’re ready to sell so you don’t lose out.
  • Buyers should be targeted at every step of the purchasing process.
  • Fill your funnel with high-quality leads to boost income.
  • Provide a unique client experience.
  • Make data-driven judgments and seek out new growth prospects.
  • Your sales and marketing teams may collaborate with marketing automation platforms like Eridium to provide a seamless experience for your customers. Give your sales staff access to marketing-approved resources and ensure that your buyers get on-brand content and message at every level of the sales process. With automation and successful marketing methods, you may modernize your marketing and sales strategy.

Are you ready to use Marketing Automation Services to automate your marketing and sales processes? If so, choose Eridium as your partner to maximize your profits. With our hands-on approach and transparent working style, we will take care of all of your Marketing Automation demands.

FAQs - Know Us A Little More!

  • Will All Marketing Processes Become Automated?

    Yes and no is the short answer. Not a replacement for your marketing staff, marketing automation refers to technologies, platforms, or solutions that make the team’s work more productive. By reducing their burden and accelerating the time to market, such as with campaigns or the general production of other marketing materials, this is accomplished. To develop your strategy and more, you will require marketing professionals even though some marketing operations may be automated.

  • What Tools Are Used In Marketing Automation?

    Marketing automation streamlines marketing, enabling a business leader to increase lead generation and conversion rates. All types of businesses can benefit from marketing automation in one way or the other. Popular marketing automation platforms like HubSpot give online sellers access to effective tools. These analytical technologies also examine customers based on their past purchases. HubSpot integration can work miracles for your organization by boosting sales and revenue numbers.

  • What Advantages Does Marketing Automation Have For Businesses?

    Marketing automation offers a wide range of advantages. Here are a few of them:

    • You can use it to examine the data from your marketing efforts and gain knowledge about all of your own activities as well as those of your prospects and clients.
    • By using triggered emails and drip campaigns, lead nurturing and follow-up are made simple.
    • As soon as a visitor comes to your website or contacts you directly, marketing automation gives you the ability to follow their behaviors.
    • Automation of a number of operations and activities can help you save time and money while running marketing campaigns. Your ability to turn prospects into customers may go up as a result.
  • What Is The Purpose Of Marketing Automation?

    Three fundamental types of marketing automation exist:

    Tracking codes are used by marketing intelligence to keep track of consumer online activity. For instance, Amazon monitors your activity and improves your shopping experience by sending you reminders, recommending other products, notifying you of pricing changes, and more.

    The goal of business development is to move prospective clients from the top of the sales funnel (first awareness) to the bottom of the funnel (ready to buy). It segments and nurtures leads based on interests, scores, or qualifies leads based on fit and intent, and then makes an attempt to close based on behavioral and attitudinal variables using a variety of channels, including email, social media, SEO, and content marketing.

    Workflow automation describes internal procedures such as budgeting, the marketing calendar, digital asset management, and everything else that big businesses require to efficiently operate vast, complicated marketing departments.

  • How marketing automation helps in driving leads through the sales funnel?

    The automation tool begins gathering information about a prospect as soon as they visit the company’s website or initiate contact with them for the first time. They then give them any pertinent information that may be useful in helping them understand the product or service. Additionally, this tool assists prospects appropriately as they move down the sales funnel. For instance, you may send prospects who are in the research stage or portion of the sales funnel an e-newsletter or ebook outlining the general advantages of your product or service.

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Performance Marketing Analyst

Bengaluru | Karnataka
Full Time
99+ Employees
Performance Marketing
Job Description
We are looking for a Performance Marketing Analyst to run PPC campaigns and monitor paid search budgets. You should be well-versed in the principles of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM). You Should also be analytical and good with numbers. Your goal will be to ensure our online marketing efforts have the highest possible return on investment (ROI).


Participate in forming effective performance marketing strategies.
Launch and optimize various PPC campaigns.
Oversee accounts on the search and social media platforms (e.g., Google Ads, Bing, LinkedIn, Facebook).
Be involved in keyword selection and audience targeting.
Monitor budget and adjust bids to gain better ROI.
Track KPIs to assess performance and pinpoint issues.
Produce reports for management (e.g., dashboards).
Write attractive and concise copy for adverts.
Suggest and develop new campaigns across multiple channels.
Find ways to reduce the risk of click fraud.
Keep abreast of PPC and SEM trends.

Account Manager

Bengaluru | Karnataka
Full Time
99+ Employees
Account Management
Job Description
We are looking for a Digital Account Manager with experience/proficiency in performance marketing, SEO and a strong customer success approach. Must have a knack and love for everything in the digital space. You should be able to contribute to company growth through creating and maintaining long-term and successful client partnerships.

To understand the client and the brand and become the brand custodian
Be the central point of contact for clients and internal teams
Build strong, long-term client relationships and maintain frequent contact
Create digital strategies and program planning for your brands
Analyse digital campaigns results and create corrective solutions if needed
Have a clear understanding of the clients’ needs and business objectives

Recruitment Intern

Bengaluru | Karnataka
99+ Employees
Job Description
HR Intern responsibilities include updating our employee records with new hire information, screening resumes, and scheduling interviews. If you're interested in kickstarting your career in HR and getting a closer look at how our company approaches payroll, recruiting, and employee development, we'd like to meet you.
Ultimately, you will assist in organizing and coordinating our HR policies and procedures.

Update our internal databases with new employee information, including contact details and employment forms
Screen resumes and application forms
Schedule and confirm interviews with candidates
Post, update, and remove job ads from job boards, careers pages, and social networks

Search Engine Optimization Executive

Bengaluru | Karnataka
Full Time
99+ Employees
Job Description
As a Search Engine Optimization Executive, you should have a good experience and understanding of Search engines strategies, optimization techniques / Practices and should be well versed with customer and market dynamics.

Reviewing and analyzing client sites for areas that can be improved and optimized
Master of SEO analysis and recommendations in coordination with elements and structure of websites and web pages
Recommend and execute strategies for content development in coordination with SEO goals – general and keyword specific
Writing powerful calls-to-action to convert visitors
Monitor and administer web analytics dashboards, reports and key reporting tools, and point out key areas of importance in accordance with client goals
Good Knowledge of backlinks strategies and functionality aspects
Familiarity with WordPress or other content management systems
Communication to team and management on project development, timelines, and results

Designation Name

City | State
Full Time
99+ Employees
IT Services and IT Consulting
Job Description
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur.
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