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Every year, eCommerce sales increase by double digits, and this trend is expected to continue in 2022.

When you are ready to start setting your marketing goals, think about the long-term content marketing objectives while achieving short-term results.


Content must be the backbone of digital marketing, which brands can use to inform, engage, and persuade the target audience towards desired actions.

We believe context is king because it paves a path to the content.

While content can make or break the identity of a website, without the context, the content is random words. Statistically, 92% of marketers feel that content is a significant asset for their company.

The most crucial component of a digital strategy on any platform is providing relevant digital content in the right context to boost the validity of a website. This is where Eridium content marketing services come in. We understand your context and support you in this journey by providing informative, intelligent, and engaging content.

When used appropriately, content development is a strong weapon that can help businesses flourish in the broad world of internet marketing, and we help you achieve the same through our expert knowledge. Our talented content creators have a high level of domain knowledge with a thorough awareness of company needs and in-depth information that will not only capture your prospects’ interest but also transform them into long-term clients.

To enhance your digital presence, we will love to serve you in the best possible way.

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Our Impact

Wipro –Multiplying sales funnel with the integrated search for IT services major

Wipro is a leading global information technology, consulting, and business process services company. It provides end-to-end solutions to help clients harness the power of digital technology to drive their business transformation. Wipro approached Eridium intending to enhance its brand visibility and acquire new visitors through its digital marketing efforts. The client also aimed to increase…
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Nullifying negative brand reviews for a global IT service provider

A leading IT services provider, had a strong technological portfolio to reimagine business potential. However, the brand was missing an employee-friendly digital presence on Glassdoor, a key component of its business development journey. The client mandated Eridium, a digital marketing agency, to reimagine the brand story, create content, and enhance the digital reputation for the…
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Enhancing positive employee engagement by 200% for a global IT services brand

A leading technology solutions company, had a strong engineering pedigree but lacked an employee-friendly digital presence as a key component of its business development journey. The client assigned Eridium to build a solution that would increase positive sentiments while resolving negative conversations across digital mediums, search and analyze brand conversations across digital spaces, and build…
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Senseforth: Multi-Campaign Strategy Sparks Success

Senseforth, a prominent Generative Conversational AI platform, is dedicated to empowering global enterprises by enhancing efficiency and revenue through cutting-edge conversational AI. It envisions a future where organizations wholeheartedly embrace this transformative technology to facilitate meaningful interactions with their customers, employees, and all stakeholders. The Senseforth team wanted to explore the lead generation in multiple…
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Plotting Your Northstar - Our Blogs

The art of standing out: How brands can beat content oversaturation
Eridium has won the prestigious IMPACT 22 award for the best SEO campaign for Wipro
Eridium wins digital duties for Venus Remedies’ R3SET
Redefining Digital Marketing Through Stories, Technology & Analytics
How Our Content Marketing Services Can Make A Difference?

Creating effective content is one of the toughest jobs, especially when you know there is an abundance of blogs and articles roaming all around the internet. It is a fact that if a user reaches a specific page of your website, then he is seeking out one thing or the other. There are two possibilities ahead – either he will get the desired information and stick to you or he will move to another tab. Once you create content, the next important thing is to publish the same on the right platforms.

At Eridium, our content marketing services are meant to help clients to achieve their business goals by following the right context while creating content. It won’t be wrong to say that content is the backbone of your brand identity but without the accurate awareness of the context, it is worthless. That is why Eridium links you to an efficient team of creative writers, digital marketers, and content strategists who will boost your visibility to the next level.

We firmly believe in creating content by keeping the context part in mind. We understand why each piece of content is being produced and how it fits into your overall SEO and content marketing plan.

If you have doubt in your mind - WHY CHOOSE ERIDIUM? Well, we will give some solid reasons to pick us before thinking about choosing someone else.

Creating effective content following the right context is a full-time job. We know what will work so rather than churning out baseless articles, we focus on a step-by-step approach. We start with researching your industry, reviewing your website, examining the existing content, and more. We try to research topics with low competition and high traffic so that you get the required limelight.

We believe content marketing is totally worthless if you don’t have the relevant content as per the context. Our writers share years of experience working in different niches. Not only will they conduct in-depth research for the articles but develop error-free and plagiarism-free content. Our team of writers has worked in a variety of fields, including business, family, design, health, and more.

Undoubtedly, a return on investment is fantastic but when you want long-lasting results, blogging becomes a much better investment. Our writers will pick topics carefully and avoid anything that could eventually become outdated. We follow a super simple strategy – choose the trending topics, create content as per the context, and bring more traffic to your website.

Transparency is what helps us build a solid connection with our customers. We don't operate in the churn-and-burn industry, replacing unsatisfied clients who have left us with new ones every few months. We put our best foot forward to develop a long-term relationship with the clients.

Creating content as per context is a time-consuming task and will take time to show results too. You need to understand the long-term worth of blog posts and how they draw readers into your web of influence. Other than the benefits to the SEO, a relevant blog post starts bringing in much more money from sales than you initially invested.

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FAQs – Know Us A Little More!

  • What Are Your Charges For Content Marketing Services?

    The charges for the content services directly depend on the complexity of the project and the time and effort that our resources invest. Aspects like research work, writing, editing, proofreading, etc. matter when it comes to pricing. Please share your details with (contact us page link) to help us understand your requirement better and we will share the best competitive pricing that suits you.

  • How Does Quality Content Make A Difference To My Website?

    When a user genuinely visits your website, then the content written as per the context is what makes him/her stay there. No matter how fantastic your product or service is, customers will leave right away if your content is not appealing. They can quickly quit it within a few seconds. While searching out for a specific service or product on Google, users usually open additional tabs. This means they have many options, leading to easy switching. The only way to keep them on your website for as long as possible is with the help of quality content authoring.

  • What Will Happen If I Cancel My Project Halfway Through?

    At Eridium, we understand and are fully aware of the fact that your company’s needs can occasionally change. In such a situation, we recommend you provide us with at least a month’s notice if you decide to end the agreement midway through. In case you change your mind, we would be more than happy to pick up the project again if you want us to (from where we left).

  • Do You Charge Extra For Revisions? Will There Be Any Hidden Costs?

    At Eridium, we don’t appreciate having hidden fees related to any of our services. However, this question needs to be answered in multiple segments. If there are just minor adjustments or edits in the content, we will definitely do that without any fee. Our editors ensure that you receive accurate, flawless text in the format, context, and style you’ve requested. Talking about the keywords, we make sure that they are utilized appropriately and in the right context. Yes, we will be pleased to assist you and send you the file for review first. However, we won’t completely change the order. For major changes, we would like to have a talk first.

  • Will The Content Be SEO Friendly?

    YES. Without compromising the quality of the content, our expert writers will create keyword-rich material following the right context, considering all your guidelines. We focus on converting your random visitors to loyal customers by engaging and convincing them using the right key points.

  • How Successful Are You In Meeting Tight Deadlines?

    Our writers are trained to meet tight deadlines without hampering the quality quotient of the content or disturbing the context. If the project requires some preparation or research work, we make sure to discuss everything in advance to avoid further glitches.

  • Can I Modify, Reformat, Or Distribute The Write-Ups Provided By You?

    Yes, you can. The time we deliver the content to you along with the copyrights, you are free to publish, distribute and resell the content to anyone you want. However, we can ask you to share a sample of our work with potential customers and share your impressions of working with us.

  • How Does Eridium Create Website Content Without Knowing My Business?

    With the support of skilled content writers, Eridium does in-depth research on your company, industry, target consumers, and more. To make sure we’re moving in the correct direction, we love to add your direct input, whether it is related to the context, tonality, format, or anything else. In this way, we plan to work as one unit with a single goal in mind.

Performance Marketing Analyst

Bengaluru | Karnataka
Full Time
99+ Employees
Performance Marketing
Job Description
We are looking for a Performance Marketing Analyst to run PPC campaigns and monitor paid search budgets. You should be well-versed in the principles of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM). You Should also be analytical and good with numbers. Your goal will be to ensure our online marketing efforts have the highest possible return on investment (ROI).


Participate in forming effective performance marketing strategies.
Launch and optimize various PPC campaigns.
Oversee accounts on the search and social media platforms (e.g., Google Ads, Bing, LinkedIn, Facebook).
Be involved in keyword selection and audience targeting.
Monitor budget and adjust bids to gain better ROI.
Track KPIs to assess performance and pinpoint issues.
Produce reports for management (e.g., dashboards).
Write attractive and concise copy for adverts.
Suggest and develop new campaigns across multiple channels.
Find ways to reduce the risk of click fraud.
Keep abreast of PPC and SEM trends.

Account Manager

Bengaluru | Karnataka
Full Time
99+ Employees
Account Management
Job Description
We are looking for a Digital Account Manager with experience/proficiency in performance marketing, SEO and a strong customer success approach. Must have a knack and love for everything in the digital space. You should be able to contribute to company growth through creating and maintaining long-term and successful client partnerships.

To understand the client and the brand and become the brand custodian
Be the central point of contact for clients and internal teams
Build strong, long-term client relationships and maintain frequent contact
Create digital strategies and program planning for your brands
Analyse digital campaigns results and create corrective solutions if needed
Have a clear understanding of the clients’ needs and business objectives

Recruitment Intern

Bengaluru | Karnataka
99+ Employees
Job Description
HR Intern responsibilities include updating our employee records with new hire information, screening resumes, and scheduling interviews. If you're interested in kickstarting your career in HR and getting a closer look at how our company approaches payroll, recruiting, and employee development, we'd like to meet you.
Ultimately, you will assist in organizing and coordinating our HR policies and procedures.

Update our internal databases with new employee information, including contact details and employment forms
Screen resumes and application forms
Schedule and confirm interviews with candidates
Post, update, and remove job ads from job boards, careers pages, and social networks

Search Engine Optimization Executive

Bengaluru | Karnataka
Full Time
99+ Employees
Job Description
As a Search Engine Optimization Executive, you should have a good experience and understanding of Search engines strategies, optimization techniques / Practices and should be well versed with customer and market dynamics.

Reviewing and analyzing client sites for areas that can be improved and optimized
Master of SEO analysis and recommendations in coordination with elements and structure of websites and web pages
Recommend and execute strategies for content development in coordination with SEO goals – general and keyword specific
Writing powerful calls-to-action to convert visitors
Monitor and administer web analytics dashboards, reports and key reporting tools, and point out key areas of importance in accordance with client goals
Good Knowledge of backlinks strategies and functionality aspects
Familiarity with WordPress or other content management systems
Communication to team and management on project development, timelines, and results

Designation Name

City | State
Full Time
99+ Employees
IT Services and IT Consulting
Job Description
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