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Will AI or ChatGPT Kill SEO? Future of Search Engine Optimization

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Every couple of years, the SEO world gets spooked by a new ‘death knell.’

It is nothing new – a story as old as internet time, it seems.

Whether it’s voice assistants, TikTok dances, or Metaverse avatars, the hype follows a familiar arc.

And now, the spotlight is on ChatGPT and AI—the ‘supposed’ latest SEO killers.

According to the SEO obituary count by Ahrefs, we’ve witnessed the “death” of search engine optimization services a staggering 4,852 times since January 2016. If you hit Google, it will proudly display about 90,000 to 100,000 results for the dramatic keywords “SEO is dead” and “Death of SEO.”

Every now and then, a new technology comes along (often fueled by the ever-advancing realm of artificial intelligence), three things inevitably happen:

  • First, several SEO professionals flood the internet with posts and case studies, declaring themselves the gurus of the next big thing.
  • Next, publications dust off their “SEO is dead” manuscripts, change the date, and sprinkle in the latest tech buzzword.
  • Lastly, SEO not only survives but thrives—stronger and more robust than ever.

And this keeps on repeating.

As ChatGPT and AI take center stage, we’re left wondering: will they be the ultimate SEO disruptors, or is it just another chapter in the thrilling saga of search engine optimization services evolution? Let’s find out.

Will AI and ChatGPT Replace SEO?

Let’s talk about the buzz in town—the AI hype, starring ChatGPT, and a bunch of other applications threatening to steal the spotlight from both search engines and the SEO professionals.

Sure, ChatGPT has the potential to shake up the SEO game. They can revolutionize everything – from keyword research to content creation and even some more. 

Picture it like this – SEO pros spend hours diving into keyword research, right? Sometimes, it’s like searching for a needle in a haystack. Now, imagine ChatGPT as that magical assistant who not only finds the needle but also hands you a customized map to the haystack. It’s like having a futuristic sidekick for your SEO adventures. But, here’s the kicker: it’s not about replacing your job. It is more of a magic wand.

We asked ChatGPT itself whether it thought AI would kill SEO. Let’s see what it responded:

Here, ChatGPT clearly outlines that AI lacks human elements. Rather than replacing SEO strategies, incorporating AI can effectively enhance and improve them. It’s about collaboration, not substitution.

How? Let’s see: 

  • Use AI to process and analyze data; it saves time.
  • Leverage AI for trend analysis, understanding user behavior, and identifying emerging keywords.
  • In-depth SEO audits using AI tools to quickly spot issues in website structure, content, or backlinks.
  • Harness AI’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) for a deeper grasp of user intent in search queries.
  • Analyze backlink profiles with AI, pinpointing link-building opportunities and ensuring reputable sources.

And the list can go on…

But the fact is – No matter how mind-blowing AI can be, it’s not replacing human intelligence in the coming future. Our creative flair, those quirky mental twists? AI just can’t replicate that magic (though ChatGPT is giving it a good shot). These AI wizards need our guidance, our training, and, let’s be real, a human fact-checker or two to keep them in line.

And guess what? There’s a lot AI can’t pull off: 

  • GenAI can guide you through search engine optimization services or strategies, and even keyword search. But it cannot have the human intuition and creativity that comes with experience. 
  • ChatGPT can generate content and suggest keywords based on search trends and patterns, it might not fully comprehend the subtleties of language nuances, cultural references, or evolving trends that can greatly impact content resonance with human audiences.

Reality Check: ChatGPT rocks the text manipulation game, but slapping its creations on your website without a second thought? Hold up, not the best plan because search engine crawlers have already started flagging them. And maybe soon they will stop appearing on the SERP.

Think of AI-generated text as a starting point, like a rough draft. Don’t just settle for what AI gives you – use it as a tool to spark ideas and then put your own spin on things. To create something impactful, you surely need to edit it and add your expertise, your voice, and your knowledge to it. 

That’s where Eridium, a search engine optimization services company, steps in.

We’re in the AI game – creating content briefs, sorting keywords, and those tricky redirects. But when it comes to the real show—content creation and strategy formation—that’s where Eridium’s touch takes the spotlight. We believe every business is a unique puzzle, and AI isn’t the one-size-fits-all solution.

For us, AI is less of an SEO replacement and more of a time saver as an SEO service agency.

The final take?

Yes, AI is definitely shaking things up. And, it’s throwing some challenges our way—testing our ways, processes, and output, but SEO isn’t going to die (not anytime soon).

As long as people are Googling and organic results matter, SEO stays in the game. The trick? Adapt or get left behind. Companies and SEO wizards rolling with the changes – they’re the winners.

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